Make an Intention to Object
To help save Rohallion please send an intention to object to
  Rohallion Protest

By email - Type 1 
- with Outlook Express or similar 

Please click on the email link below and a new email message should pop up with the address, subject and text included.

Add your name, address, postcode and email address at the end of the text where indicated and send the message. You may need to open the email editor to actually send the mail from the outbox.  If  this method doesn't work for your computer, please use Type 2

    By email - Type 2 
- with Hotmail, other Webmail, Yahoo, AOL etc.

Please open a new email and copy (cut and paste) the intention to object text into it, add your name and address details at the end of the text and the headings as follow:

subject: Save Rohallion - Intention to Object

Please remember to get all your family and friends to make individual intentions to object

An auto-reply to emails will be sent from Rohallion Protest to thank you for your support

View the Planning Application on the Perth and Kinross Council website
You can also write to us and the newspapers, see Letters. Thank you