The Rohallion environment is a system of lochs that was entirely man-made in the 1840's by Sir William Drummond Stewart

He dredged Robin's Dam and put in place the sluice and bridges and culverts leading down from Starebridge.   The bridges etc. were hand built in dry stone. The sluice controls the stream running from Robin's Dam into Stare Dam and again there is a wonderful cascade and culvert, plus the bridge, all built in dry stone.

Rohallion Loch also flows into Stare Dam, which in turn flows under the B876 and into Mill Dam which has SSSI status (Site of Special Scientific Interest) for it's wildlife, flora and fauna.

The purpose of the loch system was to provide power for the saw mill at Byres of Murthly.

In those days the Murthly Estate comprised

  46,000 acres and timber was a major enterprise providing much employment.

Rohallion Lodge was built beside Robin's Dam and the whole area was planted with trees including Wellingtonia and Chilean Pine (Monkey Puzzle).  Rohallion Lodge and lochs became the Jewel in the Crown of the Murthly Estate.  Today the area has outstanding beauty and a great diversity of wildlife because of the water system.

The presence of a chalet park with 49 chalets on the shore of Rohallion Loch would bring potentially 49 families with children and dogs, using this fragile environment as an unsupervised recreation area. 

Ground nesting water birds, such as the swans, would have their nests destroyed by dogs and the loch would suffer from litter and other pollution which would also directly threaten the wildlife.